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Car Headliner Repair & Replacement Near Chicago

A damaged or sagging car headliner isn’t just an eyesore; this damage can cause additional harm if left unrepaired, thus decreasing the value of your car over time. Thankfully, with an expert headliner restoration or replacement, you can keep your vehicle in its best shape over the years. With our expert car headliner repair in Chicago, we are prepared to handle all your repair needs.

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We’ve Been Restoring and Repairing Car Headliners for 20+ Years

At Albo Restoration, you can rest assured that our professional headliner repair shop will expertly repair and restore your car to its best condition.

Common with cars older than ten years, the headliner will begin to flake and unglue. As this progresses, it will start to sag right above your head. Sure, this may not sound like a big deal at first, but skipping an automotive headliner repair will only allow the damage to accelerate, with crumbling old sticky foam falling from above.

To ensure the longevity of your car ceiling upholstery, our expert headliner repair in Chicago will tackle many issues, including:

  • Sagging headliner repair, unglued ceiling material.

  • Swelling in sections of the headliner.

  • Heavily dirty fabric material.

  • Auto headliner material damaged with tears or chops.

  • Customizing the interior to match a unique style.

To learn more about our car headliner replacement and repair options, contact us today.

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What Kind of Car Headliners Do We Repair?

As one of the leading car headliner repair shops, we are equipped to handle some different car headliner repairs. Here are our primary repair focuses.

Conventional Headliners

Conventional Headliners

A conventional car headliner repair isn’t just re-gluing the material to the shell, but a more involved process to ensure the longevity of your headliner. Since this damage is normally a sign of the rotting of the foam backer, we will remove the shell and remove the material from it and install new material.

One-Piece Custom Headliners

A one-piece customer headliner upholstery repair is a one-off creation, custom to your taste. This task is best done in custom interiors, allowing you to bring the design of your interior to the ceiling of your car as well. This will look great, but takes more time than other car roof lining repairs.

One-Piece Custom Headliners
Car Headliner repair
Dashboard Reconditioning Process

Our Headliner Upholstery Repair Process

Offering expert auto interior roof repair services, our team at Albo Repair follows a specialized replacement and installation process to improve your headliner. This process is always best handled by an expert, but to give you insight, we are sharing a bit of our process here.

Every headliner repair and replacement starts by analyzing the issue and finding the best solution. Then, we choose the best material to work with for your headliner upholstery repair - whether it be the original fabric, custom fabric, vinyl, leather, or suede.

Once we have the right solution and material in mind, our next steps include:

  • Preparing to remove the headliner from the car. This involves disconnecting lights from the interior of the car. Additionally, in some cases, we must also remove the ventilation system.

  • All disconnecting electronics, we take out the headliner.

  • Clean the old material and remove the old foam.

  • Glue new headlining material. We follow a special process here using the finest materials to ensure the headliner is built to last.

  • Then, we cut holes for all lamps, handles, consoles, and sunroofs.

  • Install the headliner back in the car and put all parts that were removed back in.


Why Clients Think We Are One of the Best Car Headliner Repair Shops near Chicago

There’s a reason Albo Restoration is the go-to car headliner repair in Chicago. Here’s why.

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Quick Services

At Albo, we work under tight deadlines to ensure we return your car to you fast. 

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Expert Team

With more than 20 years in the industry, we have ample experience to tackle the most serious of repairs. 

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Quality Materials

We are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of your car, utilizing the best materials in all our repairs.

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Competitive Prices

Our headliner replacement cost is always competitive, offering you a budget-friendly solution in Chicago.

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Our Clients’ Testimonials


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I entrusted Irene and her team with all the custom leather for my air cooled Porsche 911 restoration.  This included custom seats, dash, shifter, door and side trims, and a bespoke roll cage.  The workmanship is top quality.   They've also re-upholstered some of my home furnishings, with the same top quality workmanship.
- High quality
- Attention to detail
- Great design eye
- Fair costs
- Willing to partner with you with a team approach
- Leather supplier knowledge and supplier management
- There are few who can do the work they do - so they are very busy.  Plan your timing ahead and be patient

Michael Drawhorn


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Albo Restoration did a fabulous job replacing my middle console upholstery. Took the car in Thursday morning and console was ready Friday afternoon. Fast and efficient!

Ginora Huffer


Rating stars icon

I had the interior of my car reupholstered including seats and side panels. They did great work and I would not hesitate to go back or refer family and friends to them!

Sean Weppler


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I just had the center console top on my Acura TL replaced by Albo Restoration Services. Their work was amazing!  The center console top looks brand new! They did exactly what they said they would do. Great people!

Larry Moller


Rating stars icon

Irene and her team performed a wonderful restoration of the interior of my 2009 Subaru Impreza, including new leather seats throughout, with contrasting stitching, and complete interior detailing. It is a stunning result. On top of everything, she was extremely to easy to work with and her prices are very reasonable. I recommend Albo Restoration without any reservations.

Elena Bates


Rating stars icon

Took some seats from my 2004 Formula 27PC in to be recovered as the vinyl had dried out and had split seams.  2 weeks later they were all done and look great, just as good, if not better than factory.  Good pricing too as their labor and materials (new vinyl and foam)  were about the same cost as replacement vinyl skins from Formula.  (Replacement skins you have to install yourself and you're still stuck with old worn out foam)  If you need work done with your upholstery this is the place to go!

Nate Stenger

Update Your Headliner Look with Albo Restoration!

Looking for a headliner repair shop in the Chicagoland area? We’ve got you covered. For an expert headliner upholstery repair to elevate your car interior, contact our team at Albo Restoration today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does auto headliner replacement cost in the Chicago area?

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The final headliner replacement cost will depend on several different factors. When we price out your repairs, we consider elements such as:

  • The car’s make and model

  • The type of fabric

  • The timeframe for the repair

For more information on your specific pricing, contact us today.

How long does it take to replace a car headliner?

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Depending on how extensive your car headliner repairs are, it typically takes just a couple of days for us to complete your repairers. For example, restoring a headliner in a small car may take two to three days to complete, while a headliner repair in a big car may take three to four days.

How do I know whether I need to fix or replace the headliner?

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Great question! Whether you require a repair or a car headliner replacement depends on the extent of the damage. If you have only just begun to experience some slight flaking, a repair may do the trick. However, if you have extensive sagging and crumbling, a replacement is recommended.

Can you reupholster my sun visors and sunroof?

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Absolutely! Our car ceiling upholstery repairs can include replacing the headliner, sunroof, and sun visors, all in one. This way, you can ensure all your ceiling’s upholstery matches.