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how to change the color of your couch

By Irene Vanina


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9 Ways How to Make an Old Couch Look New Again

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There are several reasons you aren't ready to part with your old sofa. Whether you just got it into that perfectly relaxed state that a new couch can't live up to, or it's not within budget this year to purchase a brand new sofa, there are various ways to ensure you can keep your couch and have it looking like new again.

Ultimately, fixing an old couch is significantly cheaper than buying an entire sofa brand new. From deep cleaning to reupholstering your couch cushions, our team is breaking down all the options to give your sofa a new life. Here are our top old sofa makeover ideas to assist as you navigate how to make an old couch look new again. Let's dive right in!

1. Re-Stuff Cushions

Dealing with saggy, limp, uncomfortable cushions? Re-stuffing your seat cushions can help alleviate this issue and make your sofa look like new.

With professional restoration services, our team can re-stuff your front and back cushions, ensuring it is fluffy and comfortable for many more years of use. This is an affordable, convenient way to navigate how to revamp an old sofa, breathing some life back into it with ample stuffing.

2. Change the Сouch Сolor

Styles change over the years, and while your couch may be in good condition, the fabric color may feel outdated or no longer match your more modern home style. Without purchasing an entirely new couch, you can change couch color palettes with some simple solutions.

One of the cheaper ways to upgrade your furniture color is with a slipcover. This is a great way to change the color of your couch by simply covering it in a fabric of your choosing. This can totally change the look of your sofa and give it a more modern upgrade.

Typically, an Ikea sofa cover is one of the most affordable slipcover options on the market, but other retailers offer options that can be tailored to your unique sofa, too, for that perfect slipcover finish.

3. Couch Reupholstering

If a slipcover isn't what you have in mind when navigating how to revamp an old sofa or how to change the color of your couch, you can choose to reupholster the couch instead.

If you opt to reupholster couches, this is always best done by a professional team and can give a truly new-looking finish. This not only allows you to change the fabric on your couch for a new finish but allows you to change the color as well if you choose to do so.

Reupholstering isn't just great for a couch you've had for years, but if you buy one online and want it to feel clean and new. 

4. Clean It

Likely one of the more obvious solutions for your couch cushion makeover is to clean your couch. No, this isn't just a bit of spot cleaning, but a true deep cleaning.

By deep cleaning your couch, you can finally remove stains, marks, or discoloration that contributes to sofas looking older. This simple solution can make a world of difference for couches that are still in relatively good condition, and just need a bit of stain removal or general cleaning to bring them back to life.

5. Cover with Pillows

Another budget-friendly solution to upgrade your couch is to cover it with new pillows. This solution not only can transform your living room design but can make your couch feel new and more comfortable, too. With different pillows, you can embrace different designs and themes, whether you are looking to create a more elegant environment, or add a unique pattern and touch to show off your style.

For best results, choose a few different colors or patterns and layer each on your couch for a curated design.

6. Replace Your Sofa Legs

couch cushion makeover

A commonly overlooked solution that can elevate a couch is to replace the sofa legs. This is a wonderful method for a number of concerns, whether your pets ripped at the legs of your sofa, or you want to give it a new look and feel.

Sofa legs come in all different styles and sizes, and can quickly take your couch from traditional to victorian or mid-century modern.

7. Add Tufting

Did you know that a professional reupholstering team can add tufting to existing back cushions on your couch? This is a simple project that can rejuvenate your couch look and feel with ease. With this added tufting, you can give your couch a more tailored look, improving the shape, style, and density of your back cushions with a bit of tufting.

8. Add Nailhead Trim

Sometimes, adding some bonus details to your couch arms or frame can be all the upgrades you need.

By adding nailhead trim around the edges of your couch, you can quickly elevate the design and make it feel like new. This is wonderful for those looking for more traditional, elegant living room designs. Plus, you can choose the color of the studs used, whether you prefer gold or silver, to customize your couch further.

9. Add a Throw

When in doubt, add a new throw blanket to your couch. This can work as a covered solution to areas of the couch that are more worn than others, or enhance your design and style with patterns and shades that elevate and accentuate your couch.

Keep in mind, this is a temporary solution to your couch troubles. To truly make an old couch look like new, it's best to look to the professionals to have it reupholstered, filled, or cleaned for a truly refreshed finish. But while we wait? A throw blanket will be just fine.


Whether you had a bit of a morning mishap with your coffee spilling on your couch, or have been dealing with years of your pets scratching at your couch, there is a solution to achieving a new couch finish, without going out and buying a totally new one.

For assistance with rejuvenating your old couch, our team at Albo Restoration is here to help. To get started, get a Free Estimate online today.

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